Reporting 2015 Student Loan Interest

16 Feb 16
Read the Announcement 1-19-2016 FROM IFAP—As tax time approaches, we want to share general information with the financial aid community about our reporting of student loan interest payments. If a borrower ...

Interest Rates Drop on Federal Student Loans

27 Jun 15
In a turn that’s sure to spell relief for millions of students enrolling in college this year, interest rates on federal student loans are set to drop by more than one-third ...

Own Your Loan

22 May 15
Student loan debt is all over the news these days, and it’s getting more attention from lawmakers than ever before as levels of college borrowing and indebtedness reaches an all-time high.

Student Loan Debt Relief Scams

22 May 15
In 2014 we were all bombarded with offers to magically reduce or even outright avoid paying back student loan debt.